The Figments

Our new album Where You Go is available. For a limited time, you may stream it for free. You may also buy it at CD Baby or Bandcamp. Check out all of our music, learn more about us, join our mailing list, or drop us a line.

Our Records

Where You Go (2013)

Where You Go

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Twelve Belles (2010)

Twelve Belles

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Blood on the Clouds (2007)

Blood on the Clouds

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Broken Time (2005)

Broken Time

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All the Gone Days (2001)

All the Gone Days

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Won’t Hurt You (EP, 1997)

Won’t Hurt You


The Band

Brian Marchese

Brian MarchesePlays drums and percussion. Other projects include Sitting Next to Brian, the Fawns, and School for the Dead.

Trace Meek

Trace MeekPlays bass. Wrote and sang Shade Tree (from Won’t Hurt You) and Shaky Bridge (from Broken Time). Other projects include visual art and web design.

Thane Thomsen

Thane ThomsenWrites and sings the songs. Plays guitars and keyboards. Other projects include Goldwater, Goldwater the Second, Rehab Massachusetts, and Niceface. Check out other people covering Thane’s songs (includes tracks by Brian, Matthew, and Trace).

Matthew Zapruder

Matthew ZapruderLead guitar and backing vocals.